About us

About Us

This site is aimed as platform to share the original articles/blogs/posts/answers for everyone to read and enjoy. It also serves as library/reference-notes to preserve the works for future. You can also publish your work here. Every submitted posts/article is attributed or credited to its creator. The site offers users flexibility in choosing their desired topics. 

Our Purpose:
Our aim is to encourage the practice of writing and get the works published for the interested to read. In the same vein, we aim to quench the need of readers for high-quality written works by providing new and fresh content and also letting them to enhance the works.

Share Your Articles:

We encourage every writer to share their works for the people to read. You can easily publish your article by sending an email to mantoman.edulab[at]gmail.com. If your writing is of excellent quality, if it contains truthful contents, and if you think that it should be published, then this is the site for you.